7 Practices for Spiritual Actualization
birth-of-majeston_cropped-enlarged.jpgFor those who truly desire to learn to manifest your spiritual intent, here is a list of practices to get you started. With daily practice and meditation upon these items, you will find yourself not only moving closer to your spiritual goals but will also begin to see a change in how easily things come to you and work out in your life. Obviously, the list is not intended to be fully self-explanatory, therefore, it may contain some things on which you'll need to do more research. But this should, hopefully, serve to give you some ideas and direction. If some of the things make no sense to you at all, simply ask Spirit to reveal to you their meaning or value for you personally. If it is time for you to understand, don't worry, you will. If the list is too much to tackle at once, pick two or three things to focus upon at a time, moving forward as you master or incorporate each into your life.

1)      Consciously command, will and intend:

  • The evolvement of your DNA
  • An acceleration of your personal evolution
  •  An acceleration of the opening of your ancient eyes
  • To call energy into your body and utilize it
  • To stay clear and centered and to always bring yourself into the moment
  • To not base any of your current experiences on your past
  • To stay in your intentions every day
  •  That you will consciously direct your awareness and energy to work in an uplifting capacity & that all things come to you effortlessly, joyfully; in harmony

2)      Know:


·        That there is divine order and divine purpose in everything

·        That you are divinely guided

·        That all events are drawn to you for your growth, healing and ultimate freedom

·        That you are in the right place, at the right time, doing the right thing

·        100% of the time that you create your own reality


3)      Learn:


·        To use your feeling center

·        To activate, and act on, the information inside of you

·        To trust what you create


4)      Commit

  • To not judging yourself
  • To accepting responsibility for what happens
  • To being open to reading the symbols as they come to you
  • To living 100% of the time by what you want
  • To Love, honor, cherish, be good to, and speak well of yourself
  • To discovering what will bring you happiness and begin to want that; calling it to yourself
  • To cultivating altered states
  • To participating in events, rituals and ceremonies
  • To opening the energy centers, inside and outside the body, every day and calling in the frequencies of light. Pull light into the body
  • To going into meditative states, receiving pictures of your identity and reality and assignments from Spirit day by day

5)      Take care of your body:chakra_healing_180pixels.jpg

  • Do deep breathing; oxygenate
  •  Do spinning to align chakras
  •  Drink lots of water
  • Learn to call ideas and experiences into the body
  • Listen to what it wants to eat; what it feels, etc.
  • Get enough rest

6)     Practice visiting other realities

  • Utilize a symbol, ride a tornado, shamanic journey, or use any other technique that works for you but do it regularly.

7)   Get centered, stay clear, and allow tones to come through you

  • Sing and tone freely
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