Spin your Way to Health
My previous article, 7 Practices for Spiritual Actualization, provides a list of powerful practices which can be used to dramatically change your reality. In that article -- primarily a list to get you thinking and exploring -- I stated, “If the list is too much to tackle at once, pick two or three things to focus upon at a time, moving forward as you master or incorporate each into your life.” So let’s do just that, covering one spiritual tool at a time until you have a toolkit that’s brimming full with wonderful ways to heal and expand.

Chakra2.gifThe subject I want to discuss today is listed in Section Five on taking care of your body. This practice has so much to offer it could have been placed under several headings, but I put it under the body care heading because of its potentially strong benefit to physical health. And just what is this wonderful practice to which I’m referring? You may be surprised to read it is Spinning.

Yes, you read correctly: spinning. Anyone who spends time around children will probably observe at some point kids spinning just for the fun of it. Children are naturals at exploring sensation and altering their state of consciousness and, for toddlers, getting dizzy and falling down is a hoot. After the initial novelty of getting woozy wanes, however, who would keep doing such a seemingly crazy thing? Everyone, if they’re smart.

Used for everything from promoting longevity to eliciting mystical experiences, the art of spinning has been practiced for centuries by diverse spiritual traditions the world over. The power of the practice lies in the effect it has on the chakras. If you’re reading this, you probably already know about the chakras but I’ll say it just briefly here to illustrate the significance of the practice. The chakras are energy vortexes, many located along the vertical midline axis of the body, that draw energy into the system, distributing it along energy channels which feed directly into organs and systems of the body. To maintain vibrant health and youthful appearance, fully-functioning chakras are essential. And that’s where spinning comes in.

Although western medicine would have us believe that sickness is caused byChakra3.gif mysterious “disease” processes, the origins of which are rarely known or understood, eastern traditions have long held that it is the quantity of energy and the efficacy of its distribution in the body that determines health. That is why I recommend spinning on a daily basis.

Spinning is one of the easiest and most powerful ways known to increase the rate at which your chakras spin. Equally important, regular spinning also helps the chakras expand outward from the body and assists energy in circulating through the nervous system. In a truly healthy being, the chakras spin quite fast and extend as much as three to five feet from the body. Few people today have such optimally functioning energy systems, and those who do are invariably people who consciously cultivate it, such as practitioners of Chi Gung. Most people I see, and nearly all my clients, have chakras that are clogged, spin too slowly, and/or are very close to the body. Some people’s chakras are so small they are nearly flat on the body and so weak they can be difficult to test. This is a sure sign of sickness and aging but, thankfully, it can be reversed. We simply need to start paying attention to our energy bodies. With that in mind, here is how to properly spin…

How to Properly Spin

The first thing, as with any energy practice, is to do this on an empty stomach. Stand in a safe, level place with your arms outstretched in line with your shoulders, parallel to the floor. Hands should be facing downward. You will only be doing this a few seconds so, if your arm muscles burn, grin and bear it. If you have serious neck and shoulder issues, however, that cause too much pain to do this, then it’s okay to bend your elbows slightly to take the pressure off your shoulders. Now picture a clock on the floor under your feet, with 12:00 facing straight ahead, and begin spinning slowly in a clockwise direction (from left to right). Begin and end slowly, picking up speed toward the middle before slowing again toward the end. When finished, relax, taking a few deep breaths in and out before moving on with your day.


Just as some of us get more air or sea sick than others, some find it very difficult to spin. If you fall into that category (or anyone else for that matter), use the technique dancers call “spotting” to help you get comfortably spinning. Here’s how to do it.

Before you begin to spin, fix your eyes on something in front of you, in the 12 o’clock position. Make sure it’s at eye level. (You don’t want to be spinning with Chakra7.gifyour head up or down; you want your spine aligned.) Then, begin to spin, holding you eyes on that object as the rest of your body leads the way. When you’ve turned so far that head has to go with it, snap it around immediately so it is again fixed on your object. Repeat with the next spin, and so on. Now, if you’re one of those rare individuals who really has no balance and gets dizzy exceedingly easy, you can also spot a second position at 6 o’clock, or even four positions, one at every quarter turn. The easiest way for most, however, is just “spot” 12 o’clock.

Important Points when Spinning
  • Never allow yourself to get too dizzy. Only spin ‘til slightly dizzy, then stop.
  • Don’t overdo. Too much spinning can be as detrimental as not enough. Start slowly, with 3 to 6 spins, adding one or two more per week, up to a maximum of 12 - 21 spins per day.
  • Only spin once a day.
  • ALWAYS spin clockwise.

Contra-indications of Spinning

Spinning can cause dizziness, nausea and/or a loss of balance. These are generally temporary and not of concern for most of us. However, please be aware that according to medical experts, spinning may aggravate certain conditions such as MS, Parkinson’s, vertigo, and some seizure disorders. It may also not be advisable for persons on certain drugs and those with certain heart conditions. If in doubt about your health condition, please do consult your physician before embarking on a program of spinning.

Benefits of Spinning

Spinning increases the energy flow through all the vortexes, especially the upper chakras and knees, enhances blood circulation, and aids the flow of cerebrospinal dance-at-sunset-in-phuket_cropped.jpgfluid. It is believed to stimulate the revitalization of cells, provide relief from varicose veins, help prevent headaches (don’t do it while you have one though), tone the arms, contribute to mental clarity, and spark a process of rejuvenation in the whole body. There’s really no limit to the effects getting sufficient energy can have. The lamas of Tibet both halted and reversed aging using this, among other, methods. So, if you want to stimulate your chakras and start feeling vibrantly healthy, consider adding spinning to your daily regimen of exercise or spiritual practice.

Thanks for reading and, as always, feel free to let me know what you think!

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