Passionate Spirituality

In preparing for an upcoming retreat she was facilitating, a very lovely friend of mine asked if I would care to respond to a question surrounding her main theme for the event. The question asked was "What does passionate spirituality mean to you?" Having dashed something off (she asked it be only a few sentences), I thought it would be nice to provide my answer here, with an invitation for readers to add theirs to the comments. I'd love to hear your own thoughts!

To me, “passionate spirituality” is the drive I feel within myself to live life honestly; to make, what is at times, the hardest choice to do what’s right -- even when most inconvenient -- and to live in a manner congruent with what I profess to be my beliefs. Passionate for me means having faith that is strong enough to weather rough seas without capsizing my boat, to smile in the midst of tears, knowing a light will dawn with the new day, and to laugh at myself and my foibles, all the while being able to truly see the beauty all around me. From whence comes this deep desire to be aligned with Light, to behold the world with wonder, and to walk in love and humble gratitude if not from Spirit who created All? 


May you live true to your own Passion,

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