Notes on the Coming Year
Hello friends. I hope this finds you rolling in the new year with grace, humor, and tenacity. I appear to have become very lax in my posting, and I do apologize. Perhaps this year I shall improve, eh? For now, I just want to say a few things about the coming year 2010.

This year promises to be a challenging one. Energies are shifting in a big way, and will continue to do so through 2012. Because of these shifts, you can expect the rate of change to accelerate, causing situations to become increasing unstable, chaotic, and -- if you do not stay grounded and clear -- frustrating, daunting; even maddening. The theme is change. Change toward higher consciousness, personally and globally. To get there, however, all that is dark and disowned must be revealed, healed, and integrated. And this could make solid ground feel a bit slippery-slidey at times.

It is the "revealing phase" that presents the challenge. We've already been in it for a while, but it's growing more intense. Can you feel it? Perhaps you are already being challenged. If not, good for you! But know this: more and more, things will seem to get in the way. Jobs may be lost, things break down, relationships end... Life changes we may not immediately appreciate may be shattered-glass-w-smiley.jpgthrust upon us. You may feel like you're battling an uphill battle, even coming to the place where you find yourself on the edge of a cliff wondering how you got there. What is important to bear in mind, to remember at all times, is that this is necessary change. If you want to be a better person and build a better world, then everything that does not serve has got to go. The weak, sickly, dead and cluttering branches must be pruned so that, when the tree is shaken and the fruit falls, we can eat of its lusciousness, nourishing our souls.

So, my admonishment to all you dear seekers and lightworkers out there is to be prepared for change, whether you think you like it or not. Try not to grieve overmuch those branches that are cut away but, instead, look expectantly ahead for what will take their place. Work to consciously release attachment people-holding-hands-sunset.jpgto things and ways that may have served in the past, recognizing that new ways of being and doing are required now. And, above all, take heart, recognizing it's all for the Higher Good. Put on the mind of the warrior. Set your intent to shed the old skin and plunge in, letting Spirit refresh you with living waters along the way. If we hang in there together, combining our intent for a clear and true ascent, we will see the New Day dawn on the horizon. We ARE seeing a new day dawn on the horizon! So keep pluckin' away, friend, and take heart!

copyright Ashandra-Aah 2010
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