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Energy Medicine / Illumination

As a Incan shaman, Reiki Master and Light Worker, you can be sure that Ashandra-Aah brings a depth of knowledge, breadth of skill, and multitude of higher dimensional support to the work. In addition to being blessed with aid from Beings of Light such as The Christ and Incan spirit guides, she also utilizes sacred key symbols, crystal energies, and other forms of vibrational support and modulation that can affect transformation down to the level of your DNA. 

"A young woman, only in my twenties, I hadn't had a period in over two years. No one knew why, which concerned me, because I wanted to have kids some day. One night, in a social setting, Assandra-Aah leaned over and said she thought something was stuck in my pelvic region around my second chakra. With permission, she worked there a minute, like she was pulling a strand of yarn from a skeen, and then I felt a big gush of energy explode from my second chakra like a geyser shooting off. I started my period the very next day. I didn't know Ashandra-Aah very well and she didn't know anything about my condition. We were all just hanging out listening to music when it happened. How cool is that?" Liz G., MA.

"Since my Illumination Sessions, I find that situations that triggered strong emotional reactions in the past no longer have the same effect. As a result, I am feeling our shared humanity in those experiences instead. It is a profound change. All the process work, workshops, and healing work I've experienced prior to this left me just as triggered as before. It is amazing to feel such a difference from my work with Ashandra-Aah." K.O., CA

Feedback while requesting an appointment at reduced rate: "It is very strange that after having spent thousands of dollars in spiritual work over the past couple of years, I am having to economize on the shamanic work that is producing rapid results...

If the answer is yes, I am available [time was stated]... Meanwhile, I have some feedback:
- Several people have commented that I am much more calmer
- I have lost weight since I started doing the sessions (15-20lbs)
- I have been able to experience deeper silence in my life and meditation.
- I have finally found a lawyer that will work with me... she is doing a good job and my suit is going out this week.
- I have made up my mind to go to the US, get my residency and start afresh.
- The 2 month break has been good in allowing the energies to settle.
- I was also lucky in that my angel instructor invited me to attend a couple of her workshops free of charge. She felt she could inspire the others by pointing out the changes in me over the past few months. I told her I was getting shamanic work done. :)"   K. Singapore

Light Body Activation

Light Body activation heals damaged energy channels and fills in and replenishes the luminous field, providing greater strength and resiliency to the entire energy matrix. Most importantly, however, it increases the vibrational frequency of the "personal" electromagnetic field and allows it to stabilize at that new, higher frequency, thus enabling one to pull in and metabolize more light.

"Thank you so much for our session yesterday and all the work we're doing together. I am having the time of my life! Joy and light are rippling thru me throughout the day!... My guidance from Spirit is so much stronger now than before. I used to have a lot of trouble making decisions. Now, when I consider my options, the light pours forth undeniably in response to the ones Spirit directs me to. And as I follow that surge of Light, it brings me a wave of synchronicities, spurring me onwards along the sacred path in life that I walk every day." Kassandra O., Sebastopol



Rituals & Rites of Passage

Be it the beginning of new life with your mate or a new home to live in, we can help you establish the highest frequency for your life with shamanic, light-filled ceremonies. As a licensed minister and shaman, Ashandra-Aah can perform your special ceremonies in any way you like. Whether it's a couple's commitment ceremony, a new baby blessing, a house cleansing, or any other of life's numerous rites of passage, you can make it more deeply memorable, healthy and functional by commemorating and infusing it with sacred ceremony. 

"Due to severe childhood trauma, my partner of eight years didn't enjoyed sex much. Well - in fact she had an aversion! Needless to say, we rarely had it. We loved each other and got along so I had grown used to it. But, boy, have our lives changed! Within days of  Ashandra-Aah's blessing of our home, my partner was all over me! Imagine my surprise and delight at the sudden breakthrough! I couldn't believe how much the energy shifted! Now we are enjoying each other in whole new ways. We have never been happier. Thank you Ashandra-Aah a thousand times!" K.M. WI

"Ashandra-Aah, the ritual you prepared for our re-commitment ceremony was so touching. We really loved it. And as a side benefit, while you were drumming my partner's grown daughter experienced what she described as feeling the presence of God for the very first time in her life." T. A. WI

"Ashandra-Aah, You are awesome.

Thank you, thank you. I feel like I'm moving forward...

I still feel the love and can still see the beautiful woman dressed in orange and moving through the atmosphere of the orange planet with rings like Saturn. The woman in orange gesturing upward to her right to a cloud-like thing that turned into a light being that embraced me within winged arms and took me somewhere...  She was giving me choice and told me she would be with me, all I had to do was reach for her with my mind.

Ashandra-Aah, you are a true Shaman.

In love and light," T.K., CA

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