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Services Offered

Energy Medicine

The bulk of my work is now in this field, as I have found one can root out issues so much more quickly through the energetic route. I offer the Illumination Process, as popularized by psychologist/shaman/best-selling author Alberto Villoldo, combined with techniques from a wide variety of sources, including those unique to myself, brought through the Dreamtime directly from Spirit. If you are ready to release your old patterns at the energetic level and step into new life, the Illumination process can be of tremendous value. I also do light body activation, for those interested in raising the frequency of their luminous field in preparation for ascension. Click here for more information on energy work.

Transpersonal & Shamanic Counseling

For those desirous of evolving at an accelerated pace, shamanic counseling can be of inestimable value. Unlike psychology, this type of counseling is geared toward helping the individual comprehend and take responsible for their self-sovereign, divine nature. The thrust of this form of counseling is in shape-shifting the individual's thoughts and beliefs, as energy forms, in order to bring the individual's Light Body status to higher levels of resonance.

If you are interested in more conventional routes to personal growth and development, I do still provide transpersonal counseling services for individuals, couples and groups which include process-oriented approaches (art, movement, poetry, journaling, somatic work, psychodrama, ecopsychology and dream work), as well as traditional "talk therapy." Women's issues, race and other cultural issues, gay/ lesbian, and alien encounter experiencers welcome. All beliefs, orientations and religions are honored.

Spiritual Guidance and Life Coaching

Spiritual guidance assists individuals to identify their core beliefs, how those beliefs currently serve or hinder them, and how they may bring themselves into full alignment with their own belief system in a way that promotes spiritual harmony and effective living.

Life coaching is utilized by individuals who choose to focus heavily on a specific goal such as manifesting financial freedom, enhancing the ability to develop intimacy, increasing communication skills, or any other area that one identifies as specifically hindering one's quality of life. Coaching can be done long distance by email, text messaging or phone.


Workshops based on psychology and shamanism are offered. These include process groups, seasonal rituals, medicine wheel healings, working with sacred space, finding power animals and other guides, dream skills, poetry as medicine, the power of journaling for spiritual growth, etc. For more information on previously facilitated workshops and ideas of how I may serve your group or organization, please click here.

Retreat Services

Custom retreats can be built around any life phase, season, issue, dream or desire. Services could range from a couple hours of ritual to facilitation of the entire retreat. Click here for ideas regarding retreats.


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What is the Illumination Process?

Remove patterns created by emotional wounds, traumatic events, and hereditary dispositions at their source by eliminating the heavy and crystallized energies in which they are imbedded in your energy matrix. This is an energetic process that deals with your luminous energy field by removing the original seed of patterns from your energy body. You do not need to understand or fully remember the original wounding to be healed in this process. For more information, click here.


What is Transpersonal Psychology?

Transpersonal is a word coined by Carl Jung to reflect the idea that we are not individuals, separated from each other by crude physical containers but are, rather, connected to one another and all things through what he called the collective unconscious. Jung understood, and reflected in his work, that there is a numinous side to life, one that can not always be seen or understood, but which touches and impacts us nonetheless. Transpersonal psychology allows for the possibility that we are more than an individual psyche; that we may be influenced by mysterious forces of nature, ancestors, and each other... Indeed, by the Great Unknown. Thus, Transpersonal Psychology leans away from the idea of self-limiting diagnoses and linear treatment plans, and enters a world of mysterious, sometimes chaotic processes, at the center of which surprise can occur; unforeseen revelation unfolding for the self and even the world. In this model, the therapist does not have all the answers. Guidance and understanding come from the client's own resources. The therapist's role is to facilitate the client's process into the collective and personal unconscious and assure safety, so the client may do the inner work necessary to retrieve his own answers. The client is in control of her own quest and her own healing.

Rituals & Rites of Passage

As a shaman and licensed minister, I can perform weddings & commitment ceremonies, rites of passage, new home cleansings, baby blessings, and much more. I also perform traditional Incan fire ceremony, medicine wheel, and other earth rites. I would love to take care of your group's or family's most precious needs.

Creating Effective Community: Conflict Resolution & Consulting

I am available for facilitation of organizational conflicts and other process needs of the community.


Courses taught include process work, communication skills, conflict resolution, journaling, and dreamwork.

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