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Healing the Light Body

Clear the Imprints of Physical &
Psychological Illness at the Source
Activate your Light Body and DNA


Light Body Activation

Light Body Activation (LBA) opens avenues formerly sealed  between our 3-dimensional body temple and the expanded multi-dimensional energy interface. It heals damaged energy channels and fills in and replenishes the aura*, providing greater strength and resiliency to the entire energy matrix. Though there are several techniques for doing LBA coming to Earth at this time, what they all have in common -- what is absolutely essential to activation -- is that each increases the vibrational frequency of the "personal" electromagnetic field, enabling it to stabilize at that new, higher frequency, creating the potentiation for pulling in and metabolizing more light, as well as handle the intensified energies that are now bombarding the planet.

Reasons to Receive Light Body Activation

The main purpose to receive Light Body Activation is to raise one's frequency-holding capacity in preparation for bodily ascension. However, other reasons include:

  • To prepare one for grounding high frequencies in planetary grid work
  • To raise the frequency available to those who perform energy work on others
  • To clear the DNA of distortions and pull in higher frequency wavelengths for DNA activation
  • To more easily and readily accrete light within the Luminous Energy Field, thereby reducing or eliminating body symptoms resulting from the high frequency cosmic waves now bombarding the planet
  • To accelerate multi-dimensional spiritual expansion and all spiritual growth activities

Introducing the Light Body Activation Series

We offer a series of four Light Body Activations, three designed to ground higher dimensional energies into your matrix, the fourth to activate the DNA. Each activation builds on the preceeding, enabling you to more rapidly and effectively heal, clear and progress on your journey. 

Please Note 

FOR FASTEST AND MOST PRONOUNCED RESULTS, WE HIGHLY RECOMMEND COMBINING LIGHT BODY ACTIVATION WORK WITH ILLUMINATION SESSIONS. If spiritual or ascension work is relatively new to you, your progress may also be greatly enhanced by adding shamanic counseling or spiritual guidance to the package.

Is this against my religion?

People from all religions and spiritual paths can participate in shamanic and Light Body work. There is no doctrine involved and you may bring with you any loving guide or Deity that you revere. In fact, it doesn't matter if you even believe in God at all. All that is necessary for this work is a desire to bring the whole of your being up to its fullest maximum potential. Olympic athletes, government officials, physicians, priests -- people from all walks of life -- utilize and benefit from the Illumination Process. By clearing and activating your Light Body, you can break free of the  wounds that haunt you, habits that drive you, and fears that hinder your progress. This work can serve as a doorway through which you may access new power, heightened confidence and creativity for your life. You CAN discover your true Self, realize your full potential, and manifest your deepest dreams.

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*The term "aura" is used generically here to denote all the shells or layers of the luminous body.


Benefits of Light Body Activation

Light body activation can boost one's ability to function multi-dimensionally, opening the individual to enhanced access to  higher frequency energies, to one's Higher Self and other Illuminated Beings as guides, and to higher dimensional knowledge and guidance through elevated clarity, improved lucid dream function, intuition, etc. The effects of activation vary widely depending on many individual factors including one's starting point, the intentions set, and how one chooses to work with the energies available.

Here is a brief list of just some of the many effects reported by activated clients:

  • Enhanced ability to erase the impact and imprints of personal history
  • Heightened perception of the Unity of the One
  • Feelings of expanded lightness and connection with All-That-Is
  • Developing psychic abilities, remote-viewing skills, etc.
  • Enhanced lucid dream function
  • Less self-centeredness and feelings of scarcity
  • Deepened capacity to freely give and receive love
  • Expanded ability to remember one's past lives and ancient origins
  • Heightened capacity to connect with and embody one's Avatar Self
  • Diminished worry, fear and feelings of victimization
  • Expanded comprehension of one's mission on earth
  • Increased sense of empowerment, trust in Source, and one's own manifestational abilities
  • Greater desire to make healthy choices that pull light into the body
  • Cessation of chronic, persistent physical pain and other body symptoms that may not have yielded to the Illumination Process or traditional treatment modalities
  • Improved clarity and heightened sense of wonder.

Will I Feel Anything During the Activation?

Most people report feeling loved and extremely relaxed. Occasionally, one may experience profound joy or bliss that brings laughter or tears; sensations of warmth, buzzing or tingling. Often, individuals feel spacey and unable to immediately rise afterward. This will usually wear off in a few minutes. Some people prefer to remain where they are afterward, just being still and soaking up the waves of light and love. It is best to leave ample time after a session with no other demands immediately pressing, to allow time to relax, ground, and allow the energy to settle.

What if I'm not sure what to do?

It's perfectly healthy and reasonable to have doubts about any new technology that involves your personal DNA or energy matrix. I encourage every individual to consult Spirit, and to listen to their inner voice and Higher Self before working with any new spiritual healer, teacher, or method. Ask Spirit if this is the right process and right person for your highest good and, if so, if this is the right timing. If you still feel attracted to this work, to these words, to the energy of this website, or to anything else herein, this may be an indication to you that you are being led here for a reason. Continue to listen until you feel comfortable that you know what that reason is, then go for it. Commit at the deepest level for the highest result.

Receiving with Gratitude

We feel it is important to note that it has not been easy to bring this work to Earth in its current state of chaos and polarity. Every person who has brought through an Activation Technique and is providing this service has done so through an intense process of immense struggle, spiritual discipline, and years of dedication to the higher good of this planet. For this, the healers and activators of the coming age deserve our respect and gratitude, lest we take the great gifts of Spirit being given to us for granted. In that spirit, we want to thank all shamans, teachers and healers, past and present, for maintaining the traditions and holding aloft the light for planet Earth. Ho!


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